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New book coming soon: Just Like Everyone Else released on 8 June. Pre-order now!

Just Like Everyone Else Twitter giveaway (closes 22 May). Enter here!

Hello, I’m Sarah and I write books for children, younger teenagers and adults. 


Sometimes I get asked why the stories I write include LGBTQ+ characters and diverse families. Here’s the answer…


It’s important for all of us to be able to see ourselves in the books we read. Exploring characters with different perspectives opens all of our eyes to new and interesting ways of seeing the world. And these are the stories that inspire me and the ones that I want to read! 


I also write about families where something is changing. Change can be exciting, or scary, or a bit of both. It can leave you feeling anxious and unsure. I hope my stories will help you if things are changing for you. 


Keep exploring this site to find out more about each of my books, including resources and reading group notes; to discover how to invite me to come to your school, library, workplace or festival; and how to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


Sarah x

I have written three books for 9-12 year-olds (but older people like them too!), including the award-winning Proud of Me, and two books for adults, with a new series for younger readers coming soon.

I have four pets – two rabbits who live in the house and two chickens who live in the garden. 

When I’m not writing books, I work for a funeral directors.

My mum was a librarian and my dad was a teacher, so it’s no wonder I love reading and writing!

I’ve visited schools in Southport, Slough and Switzerland (and lots of other places too!) to run workshops, give assemblies and talk about reading.

Some of my favourite authors when I was growing up were Diana Wynne-Jones, Judy Blume and Nancy Garden.

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