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  • Co-authored with Rachel Hagger-Holt.

  • Non-fiction for adult readers. 

  • Based on interviews collected by the authors.

“This lively and informative book, which includes the voices of children as well as parents, eloquently brings alive the findings of more than 30 years of research showing that LGBT families are just as likely to be happy families as are other kinds of families.” Professor Susan Golombok, former Director, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge


“As a LGBTQ+ identified person and a midwife I have found this book insightful and helpful. Having quotes and stories makes the book very accessible, relatable and interesting.” Reader review


“Sometimes funny, sometimes moving, sometimes surprising, every story sheds new light on what it’s like for LGBT people raising children in the UK and Ireland today.” G Scene magazine

what's it about?

Based on frank and in-depth interviews with 70 LGBTQ+ parents, and their children, of all ages and backgrounds, this is a guidebook for rainbow families.  


There are chapters on coming out, school, naming, family, and what makes a family. Every chapter includes stories, quotes, advice and ideas for action.

why did i write it?

When my partner Rachel and I decided to start our family, there were very few parenting books that specifically included LGBTQ+ families, so we decided to write our own. 


We wanted to create a book which would help parents and potential parents feel less isolated and understand the choices they faced. We were especially interested in the experiences of families with teenagers and older children, as well as those just starting out.


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