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Proud of Me cover image.jpg
  • One of the Book Trust's 100 Great Reads for 2021. 

  • Nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2022.

  • Winner of the Little Rebels’ Award for Radical Children’s Fiction 2022.

  • Shortlisted for Redhill Academy Trust Book Award and Sefton Super Reads.

“A warm, funny and believable coming of age story." The Guardian


“A powerful tool of change — it needs to be in school libraries.” Emily Haworth Booth, author, illustrator and Little Rebels judge


“The situations Becky faces in ‘Proud of Me’ are very similar to what I’ve faced in real life. It’s inspiring me to write books which are LGBTQ-based. After reading your book I am now more confident in writing about whatever I want to write about, thank you for that.” Amy, Year 8


“Beautifully written [...] perfect for children who are just starting secondary school.” The Book Trust

what's it about?

Josh and Becky are ‘almost twins’ – they live with their two mums and have the same donor ‘dad’. They have always been close, but have now started keeping secrets from each other. 


Becky’s growing feelings for new girl Carli, and Josh’s search for his donor, both cause shockwaves as family secrets are revealed at their mum’s surprise birthday party. 

why did i write it?

As an only child, I’m intrigued by sibling relationships. I enjoyed exploring how two siblings so close in age would respond differently to the same situations. 


Josh and Becky’s family shares some features with my own – my children have two mums – and with some with other LGBTQ+ families I know.


At the heart of the story, are a group of LGBTQ+ young people, and their allies, finding and supporting each other. I love that groups like this exist now, in a way which was impossible when I was at school, and I wanted to celebrate their power!

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