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  • Series of four books following Skye's exciting time-travelling adventures through London's history in the magic Hideaway Hotel.

  • Part of the Rising Stars school reading scheme.

  • Suitable for 5-8 year-old readers.

what's it about?

Skye lives with her big, blended family at the top of the London hotel which her mum runs with her girlfriend Josie. 


When things get busy around the hotel, Skye hides away in Room 14... and finds herself transported back in time. She meets new friends, solves problems, has adventures and learns about the history of her city.

Skye's first adventure takes her back to the Blitz in 1941, and her second to the Natural History Museum's new dinosaur exhibition in 1904. She also travels to the first London marathon in 1981 and nearly gets lost in the Great Smog of 1953.

why did i write it?

I grew up in London and I've always been fascinated by the history of my city. I'm especially interested in the differences and similarities between ordinary people's lives today and in previous decades.


It's been great fun creating a character who can explore history first hand... with the help of a touch of magic!

Skye is also navigating a new family set-up, getting used to living with her mum's new partner and her teenage children. As with all my books, I love exploring the dynamics of extended and diverse families, and showing what matters most is love!

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