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  • Co-authored with Rachel Hagger-Holt.

  • Non-fiction for adult readers. 

  • Based on interviews collected by the authors.

“Full of faith, honesty, compassion and common sense. A must whether you are gay or straight.” Veronica Zundel, author and columnist


“Living it Out will be a useful resource for school and parish study groups, because it is often difficult to find LGB Christians who will share their experiences. In the face of so much ignorance today, Living it Out is a godsend.” The Church Times


“This is the book I was looking for all along. It doesn't rehash the 'is it scriptural, is it moral' debate. But it also doesn't skirt around it. Instead, it cuts right to the heart of how to live. I found a lot of comfort in reading about other people's experiences, and I was inspired by the creative ways they have found to move forward.” El, reader review

what's it about?

Drawing on the experience of more than 50 people from different denominations, ages and backgrounds, Living It Out explores what it means to be lesbian, gay or bi and a Christian. 


There are chapters on church, families, the Bible, marriage, activism and more. Every chapter includes stories, advice and ideas for action.

why did i write it?

My partner Rachel and I wrote this book in 2008 at a time when the news was full of stories about same-sex relationships and the Church (when isn’t it?).


We realised that the voices of LGB Christians and their allies weren’t being heard, and felt our lived experience would have something to offer to the conversation.


Book an LGBTQ+ training session for your church or faith group


Info & support on the issues raised in the book from One Body One Faith, Quest and Open Table.

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